TG17 - Coin Sorter

TG17 - Coin Sorter

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The TG17 is a coin counter machine with two different counting modes: free counting and batch counting It is easy to operate, sort mixed pound coins (all denominations) into separate trays. It has a LCD screen, detailing the value of the coins counted.

You can also bundle a preset amount of coins for easy bagging if needed. The Free Count Setting can be used for continuous counting. It works with all UK coins from the 1p to the £2. When it's finished counting you get the total figure displayed on the large easy to read LED display.

Main Specifications

Counting speed: 220 coins / min (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2)

Counting device: CCD

Hopper capacity: Max. 500 coins (depending on coin sizes)

Each coins drawer capacity: 80-150 coins (depending on coin sizes)

Counting number display: 7 Digits LED

Batch preset number display: On all denominations

Power consumption: 50W

Power: AC220V-240V

Colour: Light Grey

Product Size: 13.97" x 12.99" x 10.47" / 355 x 330 x 266mm

Weight: 11.02lb / 5kg