Coin Sorters

Coin Sorters, Coin Counters and Coin Baggers for fast and accurate coin counting

Sort through your coins quickly with a high speed coin counter and sorter for all your cash handling needs. No more unnecessary and time consuming manual counting. With a coin counting machine that is quick, accurate and easy to use, you have the job done fast. 

Weigh up your options...

Sort your sizeable amounts of coinage in a flash with our array of coin counters and coin sorters with varying speeds and hoppers. Whether you want speedy sorting equipment that counts over 600 coins a minute, or an easy-use adjustable batch function; we have a machine to save you time, and take the hassle out of manually counting by hand.

- Varying Hopper Size
- High Capacity Counting
- Counterfeit Coin Detection
- Denomination Capability
- Multiple Currency Detection
- Batch Function

    Save You Time Where it Counts

    Running a successful business requires accurate cash handling processing. Whether you want to precisely measure your profits or accurately balance your tills; our extensive collection of coin sorters and coin counters have functions to suit every retailer. Trusted by high street banks, businesses and shops; many of our sorters have the ability to accurately detect counterfeit or foreign coins. In the event of power failures, some models have back up batteries to keep you functioning throughout unforeseen circumstances.

    Save yourself time and money with a reliable coin counter that will sort out your money matters in an instant. We scour the market to find the tried and tested products that offer the best solutions to your cash handling requirements. Browse our range of coin counting machines online today.