TG Cleaning Card

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Money is exceptionally dirty and can cause device misreads, counting inaccuracy and operational failure if not cleaned properly or regularly. Failure to clean a Currency Note Counter frequently can cause note alignment, unbalanced ledgers and tally shortages.

This cleaning card is designed to clean your Currency Note Counter. It cleans note recognition lenses and the surfaces around the belts and rollers, removing more debris than other types of cleaning products. Using the card regularly will clean the rollers and feed paths, which will therefore maintain them and prolong the life of the unit, not to mention ensuring your note counter is running at optimal efficiency. 

By running this cleaning process, you will improve the performance of the equipment which means less downtime taken to count, so you can spend this save time on other tasks

By using note counters in general, it reduces the amount of contact you personally have with handling notes.

Please note that the TG Cleaning Card comes in a pack of 15.

Thank you for your interest in this product. If the quantity you require is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us on or 01462 834400 to discuss further.