TG18 - Coin Sorter

TG18 - Coin Sorter

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Let the TG18 help you optimise your cash-counting workflow. Simply press “bat” and enter the desired number for each coin denomination, then press start. The TG18 will automatically pause each time a coin cup reaches the programmed amount. There’s no faster way to prepare your bank deposits and cash drawers.

To prevent messy overflow, the TG18 will automatically pause when one of its coin cups is full; simply empty the cup and press start to resume counting.

The TG18 Coin Sorter is suitable for small to midsize retailers and business, schools, charities etc. Used to sort and count medium quantities of coins fast, efficiently and accurately.

It features any denomination sort and value counting, batch presetting and has auto-stop when the pocket capacity is reached.

Main Specifications
Counting Speed: Counts and sorts 200pcs per min
Hopper Capacity: 300-500pcs
Pocket Capacity: 80-150pcs per pocket
Counting Display: 4 digits LED
Batch Display: 3 digits LED
Dimensions: 275(D) x 321(M) mm

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