CleanShield Natural Cleaner

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CleanShield Natural Cleaner is 100% plant made and 100% biodegradable. An amazing range of green solutions for the cleaning industry
With this green solution, businesses can stop the use of all chemicals detergents and get much better results in preventing the spread and the threat of COVID-19, as well as other viral and bacterial infections.
In the Home Package, which includes spray, soaps, wipes and masks, the ground-breaking developed pure green products eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses on any surface. The Vitaliser Spray gives up to 21 days of protection to any surface (terms and conditions apply).
1 x 250ml Vitaliser Spray
Up to 21 days protection
For surfaces
10 Individual N99 Masks
Instant protection
EU Approved
1 x 250ml Natural Hand Soap
Instant deep cleaning
For all skin type
10 pieces of Travelling Wipes
Instant protection
For hands and surface
Note: The bottles are recyclable and the wipes are biodegradable.