Safescan 2995-SX Banknote Counter

Safescan 2995-SX Banknote Counter

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Manage your cash operation with complete certainty and ease. Thanks to its intelligent double pocket design and advanced fitness sorting feature the Safescan 2995-SX not only sorts banknotes based on their validity, denomination and orientation, but it can also identify notes that are creased, ripped, taped or otherwise damaged. In just minutes the Safescan 2995-SX can identify all banknotes that are unfit for recirculation. Perfect for when you need to prepare your ATM machine or have notes ready for recirculation quickly.

The Safescan 2995-SX rapidly value counts and sorts mixed notes while simultaneously verifying them on up to seven security features. Thanks to its smart design, high-definition touch display and intelligent interface in your local language your cash management will be easier, faster and more accurate than ever.



Value counts and sorts mixed banknotes for all pre-installed currencies

Counts sorted banknotes for all currencies

Counts up to 1200 banknotes per minute

Counts up to three currencies at ones in the multi-mix mode

Identifies banknotes that are unsuitable for ATM machines and recirculation

Identifies banknotes that are dirty, creased, ripped, taped, damaged or otherwise unfit for recirculation

Sort banknotes based on validity, denomination and orientation

Verifies banknotes on up to seven security features

100% tested banknote verification by central banks

Scans the tiniest details of banknotes thanks to its double CIS technology

Recognises and scans the serial numbers of multiple currencies

Automatically recognizes with currency or denomination is inserted

Easily operated with HD touch display with multi-lingual interface and quick menu

Creates stacks of banknotes based on amount or value with multiple batch features


Main Specifications

Product type: Banknote value counter and fitness sorter

Counting speed: 800 / 1000 / 1200 banknotes per minute

Detection method: Ultraviolet, magnetic ink, metallic thread, infrared, image, size and thickness

Hopper / stacker capacity: Up to 500 / 220 banknotes

Reject pocket capacity: Up to 50 banknotes

Currency updates: Via USB-A port or SD card

Display: High definition 3.5‘‘ colour touchscreen

Interfaces: RJ-10 (for use with optional Safescan TP-230 printer and Safescan Money Counting Software). RJ-12 (external display connection)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 27.1 x 30 x 29.3 cm / 10.6 x 11.8 x 11.5 inch

Weight 9.2 kg / 20.2 lbs

Power: 110V-240V

Certifications / Compliances: CE, WEEE, RoHS, REACH

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